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Your Knowledge - July 2022
Published 27 July 2022
What are the major tax changes from 1 July 2022? Will you be taxed on the sale of your family home? How to overcome customer spending fears?
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Your Knowledge - June 2022
Published 15 June 2022
Who are the 2022 tax time targets for the ATO and What to expect from our newly elected government
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Your Knowledge - May 2022
Published 2 May 2022
Additional Deductions for Skills Training and Tech Costs but what about that Gym Membership
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Budget 2022-23
Published 4 April 2022
"Don't Rock the Boat" - as the Federal Government seeks to please voters ahead of a coming election. This Budget is a safe, ballot box friendly Budget as expected with a focus on jobs, cost of living, home ownership, and health.
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Your Knowledge - March 2022
Published 9 March 2022
With the budget fast approaching the government has extended some of the Immediate Deductions whilst attacking Trusts and Trust Distributions. Will you be affected? Finally we look at whether your contractors should really be treated as employees.
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Your Knowledge - February 2022
Published 8 February 2022
Will the year of the Tiger be Roaring or Bellowing? Guidance for Professional Service firm profits has been finalised by the ATO - what does it mean for you? COVID support measures including deductibility of PCRRAT testing.
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Your Knowledge - December 2021 - Christmas Edition
Published 5 December 2021
Christmas tax questions inlcuding gifts and Christmas parties, the Backpacker Tax and the year ahead
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Your Knowledge - November 2021
Published 8 November 2021
In this months newsletter we cover the new Director ID regime, cryptocurrency concepts, extensions to COVID-19 audit relief and news on the treatment of overseas gifts loans.
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Your Knowledge - October 2021
Published 6 October 2021
Unwinding COVID-19 Relief, What Happens to Superannuation when you die, and Recruiting - What are the 1 November Superannuation Rule Changes
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Reconfirmation process for JobSaver the Micro-business Grant
Published 22 September 2021
If your business currently receives payments under the NSW JobSaver or Micro-business Grant schemes, you will now need to reconfirm your eligibility each fortnight to continue receiving payments.
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