Our superannuation team works with both trustees and financial planners to provide for all your SMSF administrative needs. We have gained an outstanding reputation in supporting our client's super with advice and services listed below.

SMSF Advisory

Our principals are both Authorised Representatives of SMSF Advisers Network Pty Ltd (SAN).

Whether you are a self-funded retiree, a business owner seeking to make the most of all of your assets, looking to acquire property, or simply want to take control of your investments, and do it with your SMSF, we can help. As part of our SAN licensing, our principals can assist with your whole fund life cycle, including:

  • When and why you should set up an SMSF
  • How to bring assets into a fund in the most efficent way
  • How to capitalise on returns
  • What investments work best inside an SMSF
  • How SMSFs interact with broader asset protection strategies
  • How to get the best tax outcomes for your SMSF
  • How to manage lifestyle changes such as residency and divorce
  • How to ensure the fund works best for you in retirement
  • How to manage the inevitable compliance and administration requirements efficiently and accurately
  • Contribution Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Pensions

We are well placed to integrate your super strategies with your overall business structures so that you can maximise the benefits of your tax planning and other business concessions

SMSF Compliance Services

We offer either variable or fixed price services (adjustable annually) for our regular ongoing services, including maintaining your accounting records and investment portfolios for your SMSF. Services include:

  • Timely reporting for your SMSF
  • Producing the full set of annual Financial Reports and Members Statements for your SMSF including the annual tax return.
  • Arranging for your fund to be audited annually, as required under legislation
  • Preparing annual resolutions for the Trustee
  • Maintaining existing pension and accumulation accounts (where there are no commutations or pension re-contributions during the year)
  • Processing all correspondence for the fund (you will receive duplicate bank statements and contract notes) and completion of all forms for you to sign.

Other SMSF Services Include

Due to the significant additional time involved with the following services (should these be required), an additional fee will be invoiced:

  • Implementation of a new pension including all documentation
  • Commutation of an existing pension and accumulation account
  • Actuarial Certificate & associated calculations (required where both accumulation & pension accounts exist in the same financial year)
  • Change of Address (Notifying Institutions and Regulatory Bodies)
  • Completion of Business Activity Statements (If GST registered)
  • Completion of PAYG Installment Statements
  • Administration of Direct Property
  • In-Specie Share Transfer
  • Other Services Not Covered in the Regular Ongoing SMSF Service